Handcraft Jewelry Accessory (Part 4)

Do It Yourself Accessory (Part 4).

I’ve been busy for awhile but still trying to make a necklace and bracelets. Once I started doing a piece I always end up with different variety.
Trying to finish all my beads and stones, Probably next week I will focus on my makeup artistry. I wanna be an expert on putting make up to other people, I wanna help other girls to improve their looks. Yeah, Thats my goal by next week. And I ordered some cosmetic online and still waiting for the shipment to arrive. Can’t wait to have them !!

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Handcraft Jewelry Accessories (Part 1)

Do-It-Yourself Accessories

One of the things that I like to do is to create my own piece of accessory. I always tried to mix and match semi-precious stones, beads, gems, pearls that I have and when I get bored I keep on redesigning it again and again.

Most of the stones that you will see from here are from my old accessories that I don’t use anymore, I keep them all so I can make new pieces once I need it. Some are bought from my trip to Thailand.

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