Handcraft Jewelry Accessories (Part 2)

Do-It-Yourself Accessories (Part 2) .

By this time I did something different. Something that is formal and simple.

I use yellow green, red stones and pinky pearls on this necklaces and earrings with 10karat gold for the chain and lock. I did more than 5 designs because I will give the rest of it to my younger sister who loves accessories as well.

Here it is :

This is one of my favorite because I can wear it on my black Maxi dress and it looks very nice.

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Handcraft Jewelry Accessories (Part 1)

Do-It-Yourself Accessories

One of the things that I like to do is to create my own piece of accessory. I always tried to mix and match semi-precious stones, beads, gems, pearls that I have and when I get bored I keep on redesigning it again and again.

Most of the stones that you will see from here are from my old accessories that I don’t use anymore, I keep them all so I can make new pieces once I need it. Some are bought from my trip to Thailand.

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Sugarpill Cosmetics Haul

For the love of bright colour Sugarpill is a must have!!
Im so excited when I recieved my first sugarpill package. I love the colours its so pigmented. My favorite color is Dollipop ( pink color ) πŸ™‚ Aside from the cute packaging and good quality eyeshadows I love the fact that this product is NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS ( CRUELTY FREE ).

I bought this from their website ( http://www.sugarpillshop.com/ ) and its FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE ! πŸ™‚ They sell this also at Ebay, Etsy but I’ve decide to buy it direct from them anyway its free shipping.
I bought the 4-color palettes “Burning Heart” and “Sweetheart” for $34.00. Price is not too bad because you will get a reasonable amount ( Net Wt. 4 grams / .14 oz. Γ— 4 ).
I also got a loose eyeshadow Goldilux πŸ™‚ for $12.00 ( Net weight: 5 grams ).

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Graftobian High Definition Corrector Palette

One thing that I really wanted to add on my makeup kit is a good concealer although I seldom use a concealer because I only have a few blemishes to hide unless I had a sleepless nights and that’s the time I will need concealer. I have tried a few concealers but of course it’s not easy to find a good one that suits your skin. I’m happy with the coverage that it gives me. It’s smooth to the skin, it blends well and not pricey. This is more cheaper than Make Up Forever Camouflage Concealer Palette.
Price is $19.99 only
I use MAC 224 blending brush. Take a small portion of concealer and work it slowly to your skin, by doing this you will not have a cakey look.

It has moist because it’s a cream based concealer.
I Love it and I’m sharing it to you guys that this is a MUST try concealer !! πŸ™‚

Graftobian High Definition Color Cosmetics

Graftobian High Definition Foundation Palette – Warm

I was searching for a foundation palette that carries a variety of colour, till I visited makeupmania.com. So I ordered from them last month and It took me 16 days to arrived.
I immediately tried this and I use damp sponge, it’s near to full coverage.
Application is soft and easy, product blends very well. Shade range is wonderful. They have cool, neutral and warm.
You will get 18 shades palette. I chose the Warm Palette according to the reviews that I read. Warm is more flexible for Asian skin.
Price is $64.99USD

Each creme shade may can be ordered in full 1/2 oz.

As you can see it has someoil spot on top of the foundation, I didn’t worry about this because I knew it’s the moisture of the cream.

Bourjois Blush #16 Rose Coupe De Foudre

I was very eager to try this product as I always swatch this on my arms whenever I go to drugstore, I did it for 3rd time before I finally decided to get one. And I was not wrong It is very nice pigmented blusher. I chose this #16 blusher and its just a perfect shade for me. Last for 10 hours on my cheeks without retouching.
Looks natural on me and its not like other blusher that is powdery.
I love this blusher and the brush that comes with it that smells like a flower scented. What disappoints me? Is the boring plastic packaging.
Price is S$25.00 at Metro.

Wakeboarding at Marina Country Club

I went for a wakeboarding and I had so much fun. Its like surfing while you are being towed by the boat. It was not easy for me, you have to have a firm arms and legs and must know how to balance your body once you able to stand on the board.
We did this at Marina Country Club at Ponggol. We paid S$100 per hour/boat. They will provide your suit, wakeboard, teach and guide you.

On left is my friend Gesh, Aicah and my youngest sister Loren.

My sister really had fun. Its her first time as well but I never seen any fear on her face. πŸ™‚

Annoying jellyfish keeps on following us.

looks so easy to Jom πŸ™‚

Brian is still learning how he will get up on board.

Gesh looks so serious although he’s doing this for quite sometime.

That’s me!! πŸ™‚

Its my first time to do it and Im able to stand, It made me so excited that I wanted to try and try and try again. πŸ™‚

Still trying to surf ? πŸ™‚

I look tired after the wakeboarding but I would still love to do it again. πŸ™‚

Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Palettes

These were the products that I love to use recently, You may not be familiar with it. Its a street brand in London, UK and well known for having a good quality products which offered in a amazing prices ( I bought mine for $10.00each ) plus $13.50 shipping cost for my whole order.

I like the packaging as they are matte black and chic, not too big on my bag. They have the strong and rich shades perfect for creating different looks.Some palettes has velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage.

Comes with 12 shades in a palette. I bought all the palettes and now waiting for their new limited edition collection.

They also have blushes which I really love. Very sheer and not chalky on cheeks. I took a photo of the palettes and I tried to capture the real colors, So hope this could help you guys.

These are the palettes I bought. Avoir la Peche’ is the limited edition for this spring.

very cute packaging for the blushes.

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DIY : Dress Up Your Favorite Makeup

Hi Everyone,

I bought 3 different design of decorative stickers at NEX Serrangoon and thinking that it will be nice to use for anything I want to give a new looks on my makeup that I always bring in my kit, Β like my mini make up palettes and lipsticks.

I chose some lovely heart design and a animal print.

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