My New Ride

I’d like to share with you guys my new ride:D

I bought this beauty near my place. It’s been a while since I ride in a bicycle so I was so excited to use this for a test. For a lazy person like me, I guess this is pretty handy when I need to buy food and even go to the MRT. I love this Japanese style compared to the mountain bike and bmx style. This is more suitable for me coz it shows my feminine side and its pink. 🙂

I bought this at Bikers Shop at Sengkang Road, original price was $160.00 but i ask for discount and we end up to $140.00 with free lock .. great deal?:)

I like the basket so I can put my stuff into it. I will try to replace it with a brown velvet type of material so it looks more classy. I guess when I have time I will customize it according to my taste.


What do you think of my new bike?

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