DIY : Lip Palette

Minimize your lipstick and make your own Lip palette.

When it comes to make up, I am a huge fan of Lipsticks. I love to mix and match them to have a unique color. But bringing them all is heavy for me so I thought of putting them into one.
Now I will show you on how I did it. The best part is, it has a variety of my favourite shades and its convenient to bring everyday.
Its very easy to do!

This is my make up train case which has a few numbers of different shade of lipstick which I seldom use.

Lets start!

Step 1 : Get an empty make up case or eyeshadow case that you don’t use anymore. Scrape the eyeshadow like what I did.

Step 2 : Cut a small slice of lipstick. Try to mix and match. ( who knows you might just get a unique shade you can’t buy from the store.) 🙂

step 3 : Microwave the lipstick for about 2 minutes. Use a microwavable container to be safe.

Step 4 : Pour it on your empty palette. Once you are done let it cool and its ready to use.

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