Have you ever seen your photo moved? It’s called Cinemagraph

I have an interesting thing to share this week, its called Cinemagraph.

Cinemagraphs are more than a picture, but not quite a video. Their main goal is to visually illustrate a short story.

It’s nothing impressive on technique but what makes cinemagraph unique is it brings back certain part of the photo to life. Making the entire photo more realistic and attractive.

The process takes many hours of manual editing.
The more complex ones take an entire day to pull together.

Look, my pants have a sublte movements as well

Anyone who are interested to do their own cinemagraph for their own advertising or for their personal works drop me a mail at info@shiella.com

Homemade Beauty Regime : Pure honey facial mask

Homemade Beauty Regime : Pure honey facial mask

Application of facial masks is a must for me, It helps to open our pores in the skin and removes the dirt and grit inside the skin and close it thereafter, glowing skin is a very big asset especially in every women’s beauty.
If one’s skin is glowing it gives an elegant looked. The best and inexpensive facial mask is made of a pure honey!:)
Honey offers incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties for our Beauty, Body and Health. Some people preferred to use honey over sugar to their sweetener.
If i had my sore throat or cough its been very effective to me as a soothing agent. Honey fights infection, aids tissue and helps reduce inflammation.
There’s a lot of benefits that we can get to a Pure Honey. Now, I want to share this skin care tips for all the ladies.

How to use honey as a facial mask?

-Make sure you have a clean face before applying. Wash your face with a lukewarm water, to open your pores and apply a layer of honey on your face.

-Let it stay for 15-20mins.

-Wash your face with cold water to close your pores. Pat it dry and you may apply your toner and followed by moisturizer.

Isn’t as simple as 1-2-3.. You just have to be patience of doing this regularly and you will see a visibly result within a week!
If you desired to add some scents, you can add some almond oil, lavender oil as you desired.

Just a reminder of buying a honey, please check the labels if it is a pure honey.Because there are some brands who labeled their product as a pure honey but actually they added lots of brown sugars to make it looks honey. Look for organic honey.