Thunderbird Resort – Poro Point La Union

 Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point San Fernando La Union, Philippines
One of my bucket list this summer is to visit one of the famous resort in Philippines the ‘Thunderbird Resort at Poro Point San Fernando La Union’. Famous for its mediterranean structural design or the ‘Santorini, Greece style’. We wanted to stay here for atleast 3days. Unfortunately all rooms and villa is fully booked till august. So, we end up 2days to stay at the hotel. After we settled our luggages in our room, We didn’t waste time and started to walk around. The place has a really nice and spacious view though the swimming pool is suitable only for children. I was expecting for a five star hotel to have a separate pool for adults.
As we walked down to the beach, we are planning to do some water sports like kayak but its unavailable because all are taken and they only have 2 boats for the entire resort 🙁 . So we went back to the pool to try some back massage at the waterfalls and it somewhat fun doing it my hubby.
We had chinese buffet dinner at the Vegas Cafe located at the casino pavilion and had breakfast buffet at the Olives Restaurant. They served western and local food and I was totally in loved with their ‘Vigan longganisa, Espada ( dried fish ) and their homemade hot chocolate’ its just perfect for me.

Our room and the view pays off all my disappointments.
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Pico De Loro Cove and Country Club – Nasugbu, Batangas

Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club - Nasugbu, BatangasPico De Loro Beach and Country Club - Nasugbu, Batangas
This is one of my weekend getaway with my family and we chose to visit Pico De Loro as recommended by a friend who also had a great experience here. At first glance the Pico de Loro Community looks Singapore to me ( or I just miss the place? ) but the place really looks amazing and you will definitely enjoy staying here as they have a lot of indoor and outdoor activities that you can do.

We rented a condo unit for a couple of days and brought some fresh seafoods that we bought a long the way. We spent our day at the pool and hit the gym early morning for some warm up. We wanted to do more but we didn’t have enough time as we are heading to Nuvali Tagaytay.

Have you been to Pico De Loro? Take a look of my few photos that I took from the place. 🙂
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