Make Up Forever Singapore (Make Up Competition Winner)

A few months ago I joined the Makeup Forever Singapore Makeup Competition.The competition is about using their Artistic False Eye Lashes. I chose the white feather one which is one of my favourite in their products and then I bought some colourful and unique feathers at Orchard to compliment with the false eye lashes that I chose. I carefully select my color palette for this concept so it will blend nicely with the feathers.

I was so excited when one of my friend message me that my photos was posted in the fan page of Makeup Forever.

I am very happy to won this competition and recently I went to their office to claim my prize.Β It was a nice office as all their staff was so friendly. I was thinking to enroll for their Makeup courses to further enhance my skills in makeup. It’s a little pricey though but I guess it’s worth it.

I will read more reviews and if possible ask people who have tried their makeup courses. If you know anyone who have taken the course in Makeup Forever kindly email me their contact at I would be glad to give them some token just by sharing their experiences. πŸ™‚

My New Ride

I’d like to share with you guys my new ride:D

I bought this beauty near my place. It’s been a while since I ride in a bicycle so I was so excited to use this for a test. For a lazy person like me, I guess this is pretty handy when I need to buy food and even go to the MRT. I love this Japanese style compared to the mountain bike and bmx style. This is more suitable for me coz it shows my feminine side and its pink. πŸ™‚

I bought this at Bikers Shop at Sengkang Road, original price was $160.00 but i ask for discount and we end up to $140.00 with free lock .. great deal?:)

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Conceptualize Baby Shoot

Up up in a way!!

Fun in the sun

I did this baby shoot few weeks ago. I prepared 3 concepts for her but the last concept was a bit hard for me coz she started to have tantrums. Initially I plan to shoot all the concept while she is sleeping, but since we don’t have time to wait for her to sleep, so I shoot her anyway.

Everybody was so happy after seeing the finished result. It was fun and fulfilling on my part to work with babies.
Anybody who’s interested to do a shoot with their baby, just leave a reply or email me at